Dr. Prashant Jindal

Dr. Jindal  has worked extensively on micronutrient deficiencies and their treatments and how they can be effective in slowing and eliminating many diseases from minor to major ailments by adequate supplementation and replacement therapies. He has worked on the principle of  “prevention being better than cure” and thus helped reduce micronutrient deficiencies.

He is extensively involved in advances in the digitization of healthcare and paperless consultation, being instantly available to your patients. He was extensively involved in covid times for cross-border help to patients.

One of his latest projects involves promoting globalization and the ability of patients, with rare and specific medical and surgical issues, to seek a second opinion from anywhere in the world, especially when the facilities may not be available in their own country or place, but through the use of technology, will be available to him at his fingertips. He has also been involved in public causes and underserved communities.