Love of Fans & Patients

Anthony (Tony) Robbins is an American author, coach, motivational speaker, and philanthropist. He is known for his infomercials, seminars, and self-help books, including the books Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within.

“It’s a pleasure and an honor to write a testimonial for Dr Prashant Jindal. Dr Prashant is a man with extraordinary integrity, competence and compassion. I have to tell you that I have investigated many doctors to consider before I had someone to work on my eyes, to say the least the concern of any mistakes that is not something that could be acceptable for my wife or for my business or profession. He was the person that guided me every step of the way and I know many people that he has helped. Thank you for your time Doctor”
Anthony (Tony) Robbins
Hollywood celebrity, adviser to many US presidents, Best selling author & speaker
Brahma Kumari (BK) Sister Jayanti

Brahma Kumari (BK) Sister Jayanti is well-known not only within the Brahma Kumaris family, but also outside. She is a remarkable speaker of spirituality topics and has been an instrument in transforming lives of many while she was serving in Europe.

“I thank Dr Prashant Jindal for the excellent Surgery that he carried out for my eyes in 2015. It was great to be liberated from spectacles and lenses and all the associated complications. I had Laser surgeries in 2000 & Cataract surgeries in 2009, but despite these, l had low vision and huge dependence on glasses. I saw many surgeons and was told that nothing further could be done. Dr. Jindal’s conviction that it was possible has made it happen and turned things around completely! Dr. Jindal's skills as a surgeon are highly accurate and sensitive to the needs of the patient. I sincerely appreciate his skills and kindness for helping and supporting this renewal of my vision ! I have since then also connected with him personally. I have found him to be an extremely helpful, going out of his way to support and help others. He has excellent human and spiritual values. His life is based on the principles of honesty, compassion, and respect for all."
BK Sister Jayanti Kriplani
Addl Chief & European Director, Brahma Kumaris
" I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Jindal in both a professional capacity and as a patient for 10+ years. I am a Dentist based in Birmingham and in 2009 was diagnosed with a degenerative condition of the eye which was caught early enough by Dr. Jindal, without which I would not be able to carry out my practice of Dentistry. He has single-handedly been the person responsible for saving my career. I had laser eye surgery and riboflavin cross-linking to treat early stages of Keratoconus shortly after diagnosis. From the initial assessment to the aftercare, I was extremely pleased at how well I was looked after and the standard of professionalism demonstrated by Dr. Jindal. He executed candor in telling me what was going on with my health, & being a Medical Professional I had lots of technical questions, which he addressed with a ton of patience and accuracy. I remember I really appreciated when asked something he didn’t know the answer to immediately, he said he’d get back to me on that and did so. This demonstrated his integrity, trustworthiness and professionalism. I have had stable Corneas for 12+years now and could not have wished for better results. I have recommended Dr Jindal to numerous people as well as some of my patients, and will continue to do so. I find him to have great professionalism, attention to detail, good cross infection control, communication and reliability. "
Dr. Jasleen Singh Bhopal
Dental Surgeon

Simon Zutshi, CEO of Property Investors Network (PIN) Ltd, CEO Mastermind Principles Ltd (MPL), is an experienced investor, entrepreneur, and best-selling Author of “Property Magic”.

" I have known Dr Jindal since late 2008. In early 2009, I became a client of his seeking advice on my eyesight. He has since become a trusted friend. Dr Jindal is a person of high integrity, extremely caring professional, who demonstrates a passion for helping his clients get the best possible medical treatment to enhance their standard of living. "
Simon Zutshi
CEO of Property Investors Network Ltd & CEO Mastermind Principles
" A game-changing book and must read for every father. "
Raymond Aaron
Author of New York Times Best seller, Chicken Soup for Parents Soul
Raymond Aaron
Sanjay Dutt
“Follow the advice in this book, and your kids will remember the special moments with their superhero dad for the rest of their lives.”
Sanjay Dutt
Top Bollywood actor

Sharon Lechter, Co-Author of New York Times bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad and former member of President George Bush’s counsel on financial literacy.

“The book will help parents understand that some things need to be taught from childhood.”
Sharon Lechter
Co-Author of the New York Times Best Seller "Rich Dad Poor Dad"
Co-Author of New York - sharon lechter
Rahul Dev
"An amazingly written book which should have come years ago."
“If every parent can read this book, the world will be a different place.”
James Michael Lafferty
Former CEO of Coca Cola
Vincent Wong, CEO, Wealth Dragons
“A triumphant must-read and salvation to all father who love their families.”