Dr. Prashant Jindal

Refractive Eye Surgeon in UK
Best Selling Author
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About Dr. Jindal

Dr. Prashant Jindal has dedicated two decades of his life in the UK to the finer advances in Refractive Eye Surgery, with international experience and certifications. His pioneering works in numerous contemporary methods of Laser and Refractive Surgery, Corneal cross-linking in patients with Keratoconus, clubbed with the successful outcome of diligently handled complex vision issues, have changed thousands of lives by giving them the gift of good vision. He has operated on a string of high-profile Athletes, Olympic medalists, distinguished celebrities, and people from all walks of life. He is an accomplished ophthalmologist with an innate passion for helping patients improve eye health and functionality through preventative and corrective care.

Besides many other aspects, Dr Jindal has extensive expertise in:

• Wavefront Optimized LASIK
• Wavefront Guided LASIK 
• T-CAT Lasers
• Micro-Keratomes
• Femtosecond Laser
• C3R & T-CAT for Keratokonus to strengthen bio mechanics of cornea
• Very high Myopia and Hypermetropia ranging between -12 to +6 
• Trans Epithelial Surface Treatment – “No Touch Surgery”  
• Presbyopia
• Astigmatism
• Keratoconus

Wavelight Refractive Suite

Cutting Edge Technology In Laser Eye Surgery

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Dr.Jindal Is Also A Best Selling Author And Has Appeared On Numerous Talk Shows And Has Been Widely Interviewed On Ophthalmology, Parenting And Health Issues. His Book, One Minute Super Dad Was An Amazon Bestseller And Published By The World’s Top Publisher, Harper Collins. He Has A Huge Fan Following Of Parents Whose Lives Have Been Greatly Touched By His Simplicity Of The Book And His Suggestions Which Have Helped Numerous Families With Busy Parents To Have Fulfilling Lives And Raise Well Groomed Kids. Dr Jindal Has Also Worked Extensively In Research And Technological  Advances In Healthcare.

Dr. Prashant Jindal on UK national television.